Duinweg 01


Duinweg, Schoorl, The Netherlands

Client: L. van Staveren and C. Pouwels 
Size: 230m2
Plot size: 1.009m2
Status: Completed
Typology: Private house
Discipline: Architecture, Urban design

This villa is located on a beautiful plot at the feet of the ‘Schoorl’-dunes along the road between Bergen and Schoorl. At the request of the client, the house has the character and atmosphere of villas that are common in the surroundings of ‘Het Gooi’ in The Netherlands. A personal twist has been given to this character. The villa is made up of an interplay of 2 volumes. The large thatched double-angled roof is prominent at the villa and also forms the facade of the rooms on the 1st floor. The thatched roof is the main volume of the villa. The ground floor is made of white painted masonry with a small black plinth. All windows are painted white. The other volume is designed with black painted wood with white frames. This building volume manifests itself as an addition to the main mass like a barn at a farm.

No residential functions have been designed on the side of the road between Schoorl and Bergen. On this side are the main entrance, the scullery room and the study roomj. On the 1st floor we find a bathroom on this side. The living areas are located on the garden side and the south side. The large kitchen, with a big diner place, is directly accessible from the living room and from the garden. The living room, which partly has a volume over 2 floors, is completely transparent to the garden behind and has a high bay window on the south side. Double garden doors have been placed in the loft of this living room that are 2 storeys high. The 2nd floor offers space for 4 bedrooms and 2 spacious bathrooms. On the 2nd floor under the hood you find a 5th bedroom.