Vier trappen 01


Achterpad, Schoorl, The Netherlands

Client: R. van der Donk 
Size: 266m2
Plot size: 936m2
Status: Completed
Typology: Villa
Discipline: Architecture and Interior Design

A house has been designed on the edge of the dunes in Schoorl that forms a unity with the surrounding nature. The design makes optimal use of passive solar energy. The house is open to the southwest and closed to the northeast. The natural heat in the house is distributed by means of the balanced ventilation.

There is a level difference of 3.20 m1 in the terrain. This difference in level has been fully utilized in the design. All spaces are connected by a difference in level of half a floor. On the main level is the kitchen, dining room and utility room. One level lower is the living room, which has a free height of 7.00 m1. The dining room is overlooking the living room and the garden by the big window frames. The study and children’s room are located on the same level at the rear. On the entrance level is the main entrance, the two children’s bedrooms, a bathroom and a toilet. The master bedroom with a bathroom has been designed half in the ground. The cellar and the work cupboard are completely below ground level. The corridor with beech wood stairs is 1.00 m1 wide and 7.00 m1 high.

The materialization consists of a red nuanced sintered stone, Oregon Pine transparent painted windows and panelling of Western Red Cedar in the same colour. The roof is covered with a moss-sedum vegetation. Due to the slope of the roof, this vegetation changes into the image of the vegetation of the dunes. The insulation is high-quality and the installation has been chosen and installed in such a way that as little energy as possible is used.

The result is an exceptionally spacious home, where all areas are connected. The architectural image and the materials are harmonious with the beautiful natural green environment of the dunes in Schoorl.