Tribune 01


IIten, Kenya 

Client: High Altitude Training Centre Iten Kenya 
Size: 2.880m2
Plot size: 60.000m2
Status: Design
Typology: Sports Centre
Discipline: Architecture and Urban Design

Iten in western Kenya on the edge of the Rift Valley, named the Kerio Valley, is a place where many long distance runners come from and where many international athletes come to train. Iten ’the home of champions’ is located at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level and is therefore an ideal place to train.

Just outside the built-up area of ​​Iten, along the road to Eldoret, Lornah Kiplagat has built a running track where athletes can train. The tartan track is part of the High Altitude Training Center in Iten, where many foreign marathon runners come to train. The privately set up tartan track in Iten is the best available in Kenya.

To make the track more attractive and suitable for organizing major sporting events, a grandstand around the track is necessary. This gives Iten and the track more opportunities and exposure nationally and internationally. The grandstand will be realized in phases.

The terrain around the tartan track is hilly. This is used to make a stand out of stacked prefab concrete elements in a simple way. Fixed seats are mounted on these prefab concrete elements.

The roof of the grandstand consists of a simple T-steel structure which is braced at the rear. Stability crosses ensure the stability of the roof, which is closed with corrugated aluminium sheets. Pavilions are located under the roof, on the flat top of the grandstand. These pavilions house changing rooms with showers and toilets for athletes, public toilets, café, bars and restaurants. From these rooms there is a view over the tartan track.

The grandstand can be expanded into a fully enclosed grandstand. The sports field in the middle of the tartan track can be used for football or hockey matches and for athletic events such as high- and long jump and javelin throw. This allows the use of terrain to become even more intensive and, with relatively simple means, the track becomes an important sports centre of Kenya.