Stylus 01


Brisban, Australia 

Client: AREMDE  
Status: Completed
Typology: Product Design
Discipline: Product Design

With the introduction of the NEXUS ONE, many questions were asked by customers about the possibilities for the machine to give it its own identity. Many questions have been asked about stitching, multiple colouring of the machine and even having figures cut into the metal body.

The NEXUS ONE is not suitable for this, for design technical reasons. Due to the curves in the Nexus, there are no planes with a beginning and an end. This makes it almost impossible to give a good identity to the machine. Offering an infinite choice of colour was the maximum that could be offered with the NEXUS. Due to the continuous shaping of this machine, the surface of the body becomes a skin.

With the STYLUS ONE we have adapted the shape of the machine in such a way that it is possible to give the machine any kind of identity. However, the adjustments are done on such a way that all other qualities of the espresso machine are preserved. An important point for the design was to avoid seams in the body of the machine as much as possible. The STYLUS ONE is also an open machine whose technology is located under the counter. The open machine provides a new insight into the application of espresso machines.

The entire body of the STYLUS ONE can be removed in several parts, allowing any colour, embroidery or other identities to be applied by the users of the machine. Some parts can even be removed with a simple operation. This means that when a number of elements are available, there is an opportunity to regularly change the appearance of the STYLUS ONE in a simple way. You can even opt for a different material for the front, such as wood or glass. This gives the user an unprecedented amount of possibilities.

The metal surfaces have a setback, equal to the thickness of the material of the body of 3mm, making the different parts of the body distinctive from each other, unlike the NEXUS which is built from one shape. As a result, all these different parts can acquire a different identity. In the depth direction, the outer corners are still rounded. As a result, the machine still looks very attractive and cuddly. But at the same time, the machine has other options that match the demand from the espresso machine market. An answer has been given to this question through design.
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