Emmerzaal 01


Schoorl, The Netherlands

Client: D’ Accim BV
Size: 927m2
Plot size: 1285m2
Status: Proposal
Typology: Private appartments 
Discipline: Architecture, Interior and Urban Design integration

The location of the design is at the intersection of the main road through the village of Schoorl and the bicycle access through the dunes to Schoorl aan Zee. This is the point where the grainy structure of the village of Schoorl and nature come together.

The limited mass, for 5 apartments, has been designed as simply as possible in volume. The volume gradually recedes from the main road through Schoorl and from the road to Schoorl aan Zee. The volume thus follows the slope of the overgrown dunes behind. The mass is formed by a structure of concrete beams and columns. The structure is filled with blank wooden slats as a closed wall or as shutters for glass fillings. The appearance of the crowd will therefore constantly change because shutters are opened and closed by the residents, depending on the weather. The living rooms and the spacious balconies present themselves on the public side of the building. The terraces are also protected from the sun by a framework of wooden slats. On the ground floor are 2 spacious 4-room apartments. On the 1st floor 2 slightly smaller 4-room apartments and on the 2nd floor a 5-room penthouse with 3 outdoor areas. Because the terrain is hilly, the parking garage can easily be positioned under the apartments and below ground level. The surrounding garden is used by all residents.

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