Skypool 01


La Défense, Paris, France

Client: Super Skyscrapers 
Size: n.a
Plot size: n.a.
Status: Competition: Special Mention
Typology: Hotel, Theatre, Shops, Restaurants, Parking and Office building
Discipline: Architecture, Urban Design

Skypoolscraper: This skypoolscraper, combining function of hotel and pool, located at the central axis of Paris, is the culmination in the series of beads onto this necklace. The tower’s design is, out of respect for the majestic Eiffel Tower, one meter lower devised.

The footprint is an amalgamation of a duet-mass. The masses increase or decrease, in the opposite direction, in the vertical sense in volume and weight. With the view from the south side, the perspective is increasing because the volume of mass decreases in height. From the northern side the perspective works opposite because the volume of the mass increases in the height. The footprint will have on nearly every floor the same size and is maximum used with an optimum ethical efficiency. The tower stands on a base of parking levels with an access to the hotel. The entrance into this base is obvious visual. The deck of this base forms the entrance square to the hotel and is partly a theater to the Seine.

The skin of the skyscraper consists of solar controlling expanded metal made of sustainable Cor-Ten steel. Expanded metal has the characteristic that it is transparent from the inside to the outside, but closed from the outside to the inside of a mass. The levels of the tower are therefore, during the day no longer recognizable, and the scale of the tower is no longer readable. It has become a landscape element. This intensifies the perspective and therefore the tower seems to be endless high. The background facades are fully transparent. With the peeled entrance of the northern mass and the top of the southern mass this transparency is recognizable. On the one hand this is the disconnection of the earth and on the other, it is the transition with the sky. The coated tower section stands in a pond at its base. That is why the tower is infinitely deep and disappears into the earth. Therefore both infinitely high and infinitely deep. This transparency behind the expanded metal is working oppositely in the evenings.  So the light show is an opulent attraction at the main axis in the center of Paris and is recognizable from miles around. Together with the ingenious hot air flow inside the building and a transparant twin facade of the transparent top, this sustainable building has natural heating and cooling. In the tower’s crown there are skypools, both on the inside of the building and on the roof on the outside. These constitute the apotheosis. It is an opulent superposition of pools, from which the user has a fantastic view over the metropolis Paris. In the evenings, but also at the day, this forms the diamond which shines over the city and which it is recognizable from far away.