Ren Geldropseweg 01


Dammam, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: Housing association WoonINC 
Size: n.a.
Plot size: n.a.
Status: Design
Typology: Housing and shops
Discipline: Architecture and Renovation

There are a number of buildings on ‘Geldropseweg’ in Eindhoven that need to be renovated. On the ground floor a number of units for shops are fragmented and on the upper floors there are a number of apartments that need to be renovated and parcelled. The new function of the buildings will be student units and retail units. The facades are renovated with limited resources.

The living area on the upper floors consists of 2 floors. In total, these can be reallocated to 28 new student units. The design consists of 20 1-room student units with a bathroom and a kitchen and 8 2-room units with a separate bedroom and a separate toilet. The storage rooms of the apartments are accessed via a main entrance on the ‘Geldropseweg’ and an entrance from the ‘Rochushofje’. The apartments are accessed via two straight stairways from the ground floor and at the roof at the rear of the shops by three new staircases.

The retail spaces are being reallocated into larger units. Storage rooms for the apartments have also been added on the side of the ‘Rochushofje’. The facades are renovated with the least resources.