Rabobank 01


Heereweg, Schoorl, The Netherlands

Client: Rabobank Nederland BV 
Size: 916m2
Plot size: 1.980m2
Status: Completed
Typology: Bank
Discipline: Architecture, Renovation and Interior

The old building of the RABO-bank in Schoorl had to be renovated and revitalized because of the changes that took place within the organisation of the RABO-bank. The existing building no longer met the requirements set for this. In addition, there was a desire to make the appearance of the building more attractive and more public-friendly.

In the interior, the function of the large public space had partially disappeared. There was a greater need for individual office spaces and meeting rooms where individual consultation with customers could take place. In addition, a new and complete safe space was necessary for the management of the ATMs and deposit machines. A separate lock has been made outside for the ATM to allow customers to safely withdraw money.

On the outside, the main entrance with the first floor is fully insulated and covered with patinated copper. The plinth is made of black marble stone. New masonry has been placed on the facade of the boardroom in a prefab concrete frame. The front to the public space of the bank has been completely renovated and is made of large glass surfaces in a window frame of transparently painted Oregon Pine. Also on the side of the parking of the RABO-bank is a large window frame with sun shutters of transparent painted Oregon Pine.

A suspended ceiling has been installed in the public part of the bank, which has a great acoustic absorption capacity. The ceiling in the corridor behind the transparent meeting rooms is made of perforated patinated copper with an acoustic blanket behind. All frames in the interior are made of transparent lacquered birch wood. The soundproof walls are made of transparent lacquered plywood. The ends of the plywood are explicitly made visible at the side of the door frames and at the end of walls. In the corridors, light lines are made of freely hanging fluorescent lighting with side shields.