Modus 01


Brisbane, Australia

Client: AREMDE 
Status: Completed
Typology: Product Design
Discipline: Product Design

With conventional coffee machines, the coffee cups are heated by placing them on the machine. This is not always an efficient and good way to heat the cups. The temperature is not always constant and usually the heat is generated by a heat-plate, which is not very energy friendly. In addition, because of the stacking, the cup that was placed last and heated up worst is used as first. In addition, the Barista always has to stretch to reach for a cup.

The NEXUS ONE and the STYLUS ONE also have a design that is not suitable for placing cups on the machine. After all, the heat source is located under the counter and you don’t place a roof box on a Ferrari. Usually placing a cup on an espresso machine produces a very messy image.

The MODUS ONE has been designed with great attention to ergonomics, functionality and efficiency for warming coffee cups. The MODUS ONE gets its heat from the boilers from the espresso machine’s under-the-counter unit. The flow of heat is guided from the UCU in such a way that all coffee cups have a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. Only natural heat from the system is used. No heat plates are used.

The cups are placed in 2 standard dishwasher racks. These are standardized all over the world in racks of 50×50 cm or 50×25 cm. These racks are placed slightly forward so that the first cups come out just below the counter. Due to a small slope and rollers in the racks, the cups are always at the front of the racks. This makes them a simple and ergonomic way to grab the barista at the height of the counter.

There are 2 racks. The bottom rack is placed for pre-heating. When the top rack is empty, the bottom rack is placed upwards, so that coffee cups with a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius are always available. A new rack is then placed on the bottom spot for pre-heating. Due to the width of the MODUS ONE, there is still room for paper cup dispensers or half racks aside.

The shelf that protrudes in front of the counter is perforated and illuminated in the same way as the espresso machine on the side of the Barista. The modular system for the under the counter has thus been given a quiet zone and a user zone. Which we will use later in our system.