Lifeguard 01


Van Hasseltweg, Bergen aan Zee, The NetherlandsKingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: Lifeguard Bergen aan Zee 
Size: n.a
Plot size: n.a.
Status: Design
Typology: Completed
Discipline: Architecture 

On the west side of the parking lot at ‘Van Hasseltweg’ in Bergen aan Zee, there is room for a branch of the Bergen aan Zee rescue brigade. This location is to house rescue equipment and rescue boats, a workshop for repairing the rescue equipment and an office, sanitary rooms and a canteen for members of the rescue squad. The building is placed in such a way that in an emergency situation a brigade can immediately go to the beach and the sea. The architectural mass is made up of different volumes, the height of which depends on the function and they are situated in such a way that there is room for placing a vessel at the front of the storage space and for the repair space. The design in different volumes makes the scale of the buildings in the village, like the majority of the buildings in this dune village. At the same time, the building volume breaks the brutal image, out from the parking lot, to the post-war flat on ‘Van Der Wijckplein. The masonry is made with a robust dark grey/brown German blinding stone. This makes the building less noticeable. The roof edges, overhead doors and window frames are made of transparent or untreated wood. The salty air will give this wood character.