Velserbroek 01


Waterscheerling, Velserbroek, The Netherlands

Client: Bouwfonds Haarlem 
Size: 2 Family Houses6,5m2
Plot size: 360m2n.a.
Status: Design
Typology: Housing
Discipline: Architecture and Interior

These cylinder-shaped houses were built in ‘Velserbroek’. They are designed as solitary houses in a large water feature and are therefore very recognizable. The shape of the houses is round with a chamfered roof. The shape, together with the red brickwork with black bacon layers, makes the image of these houses unique. The houses built on piles seem to float above the water. A wooden bridge connects the houses with the riverbank. A wooden platform attached to the brick houses provides the outdoor space above the water.

The ‘mastaba’-shaped cut out from the cylinder forms the main entrance. On the ground floor is an entrance with toilet, a kitchen, a storage room and a large living room and dining room. On the first floor are 3 large bedrooms, a bathroom and a separate toilet. On the 2nd floor is a large attic room and a large loggia. Above the straight stairway is a skylight that allows daylight to reach deep into the house, right down to the ground floor.

The simple perforation through frames of the cylinder ensures that the cylinder is the main shape. The metal band along the eaves of the cylinder forms an aura and gives this cylinder astral energy. This makes these two homes important landmarks in this district.