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Blaricummerstraat, Huizen, The Netherlands 

Client: PWN Velserbroek 
Size: 1.600m2
Plot size: 9.240m2
Status: Design
Typology: Bottling Plant of drinking waterHousing
Discipline: Renovation and Redesign

In the immediate vicinity of the ‘Goois’ Nature Reserve, in the municipality of ‘Huizen’, there is a transport pumping station on the ‘Huizerhoogt’ site with drinking water cellars that are no longer in use. The sandy soils below the site contain so-called natural primeval water. Furthermore, the site consists of grassland with scattered groves and solitary trees and the site forms a link in the ecological main structure. For this reason, little or no new buildings are added to the site. The existing cellars will be converted into a bottling plant for drinking water.

The transport pumping station with drinking water cellars is being redeveloped into commercial space for the bottling of drinking water. A loading and unloading area and a new road are being constructed for this purpose. In the current design, this road is positioned parallel to the ‘Blaricummerstraat’ and will be recessed into the site. In addition, skylights will be placed on the drinking water cellars.

The bottling process is situated in the existing structure of the underground pumping station. The existing pumping station is kept intact as much as possible. Skylights provide daylight in the bottling plant. A loading and unloading platform is being designed at the rear via a sunken road. The above-ground part of the pumping station will be converted into offices, sanitary facilities and a staff canteen. The above-ground part is covered with untreated wooden slats to give this building part the most natural appearance possible. Energy is generated via solar panels. In this way the bottling plant is designed as sustainably as possible and as circular as possible.