Geldropseweg 01


Geldropseweg, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Client: Housing association WoonINC
Size: 28 Apartments
Plot size: n.a.
Status: Design
Typology: Housing
Discipline: Architecture 

The plan is located in the center of Eindhoven at the ‘St. Rochushofje’ and between the ‘Geldropseweg’ and the ‘Hoefkestraat’. The location offers apartments and a parking garage at the ‘St. Rochushofje’, student units at ‘Geldropseweg’ and retail units on the ground floor.

The apartments at the ‘St. Rochushofje’ are designed in a building block that also forms a patio with the buildings on the ‘Geldropseweg’. In this block there is a huge variety of floor plans of 2- and 3-room apartments with large outdoor terraces. The connecting gallery also provides access to the homes on the ‘Geldropseweg’. A parking garage has been designed under this block and under the ‘St. Rochushofje’. The buildings on the ‘Geldropseweg’, which were designed by another architect, were initially renovated. At a later stage, the existing buildings were transformed into retail units and student units. Together with the homes designed on the ‘Hoefkestraat’, the plan forms a new interpretation in the ‘Rochusbuurt’ in Eindhoven. The buildings in the ‘Rochusbuurt’ have a lot of variation in architecture. The stacked houses are therefore designed in an enormous variation in shape and architecture, so that a connection with the ‘Rochusbuurt’ can be made.